Crazy Innovations For A New Oregon




No vote should be ‘wasted,’ let’s get rid of the two party ridiculousness and create a voting system that doesn’t force you to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. Click here for more on voting and elections.




The state and local governments waste billions of dollars, and that waste comes from YOUR pocket. Let’s put a cash bounty on government waste. If you identify waste in government, you receive a cash bounty, and the government is made that much better. Click here for more on government waste and putting more money in your pocket.




It’s not always seen, but taxes hurt you every day. If you work an eight hour day, the first four hours of work pay the taxes the government imposes on you, most of which you never see. We can simplify taxes and bring fairness to taxation so you can pay less and keep more. Click here to hear about taxes and a brand new tax system that works for the little guy.




Oregonian children deserve so much more when it comes to education. They deserve nothing short of the best, but right now they’re forced into a substandard, 20th century education system that will never be more than it is, unless we get a little Crazy. Let’s make every school a charter school, and free teachers to prepare students for the brightest future.


Let’s allow and encourage citizens to choose their schools, creating a way for us to support a great school, or leave a failing one. Choice brings reform and innovation. Choose to be the best. Click here for more on K-12 education.




Going to college shouldn’t break the bank. Oregon colleges are just like the rest of the government, they waste money, which YOU pay for. It’s an old system that needs some innovative change that makes it more affordable and better in every way.


College isn’t the only option for Oregonian young adults. Other options are available, but we could and should have more.Click here for more on Oregon colleges.




It’s time a Governor fought for your privacy from federal intrusion. Your emails, phone calls, bank accounts, and credit card activity is private, and the federal government shouldn’t have immediate and automatic access to it. Your state can protect your privacy, and your Governor can make it happen. Click here for more on surveillance, war, and death.


Law Enforcement


Oregon’s finest should be protecting and serving, not harassing and collecting. Our law enforcement funding is limited, so let’s use it to put bad guys behind bars, and leave the honest citizens alone. Click here for more on law enforcement and the legal system.




We can have the best health care in the country. We can have low health care and prescription costs, low insurance premiums and low deductibles, and quick access to care. We can take care of the elderly without breaking the bank of young, healthy people. We can have everything we want if we just get a little Crazy and put a stop to the money influence over our health care system. It’s about people, not money. Click here for more on healthcare.


Energy and the Environment


No one wants to pollute and destroy.

Let’s protect our environment now, not 20 years from now. Let’s create inexpensive, renewable energy now, not 20 years from now. Let’s conserve the energy we have today, and not wait until tomorrow. It can be done, but our leaders aren’t interested in doing it. Click here for more on energy and the environment.




Decriminalize recreational use and make it a personal freedom. Bad people are going to do bad things, whether or not they smoke weed. Let’s not make criminals out of good people, because of the bad people. And while we’re at it, let’s get big pharmaceutical out of the decision.


There’s no stopping it, so we should be on the cutting edge. Marijuana is an emerging industry and we could be the number one supplier in the country. Change is coming…embrace it and let’s make Oregon great! Click here for more on weed.




Why does the government get to say who you can marry?

Let’s take government out of marriage, but as long as government is allowed to decide who is qualified to get married, let’s make it fair to everyone. Two guys getting married doesn’t diminish anyone else’s marriage. Let’s make this happen now, not 20 years from now. Our current Governor won’t do it, neither will a Republican Governor…but I will. Click here for more on marriage.